The photos montage is intended to underline the educative mission of the Centre de formation professionnel de Jonquière, La Pomme d’Api, at Ville-Saguenay. The integration of printing on black granite stone into the work, using the fineness of laser engraving, draws much subtleties in the black and white gamut, giving richness, mildness and delicacy of tones to images. Brought back to the idea of education, the resort to stone, with its properties of durability, of stability and permanence, expresses the foundation of knowledges. Parts of the montage are photos printed on PVB laminated between tempered glasses in order to optimize effects of transparency and luminosity. As for education, those qualities reflect lucid thoughts, the clear thinking from which arise ideas and intuitions. At night, those parts are lighted up from behind with LED modules.

Conversion, 2010, Montage photos digital on glass and granite, 183 X 366cm (72 X 144po), CFP Jonquière, Mellon Building, Ville-Saguenay, Canada, Photo : Marie Brunet

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